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PTI promotes World Class Safety while providing reliable transportation and logistical solutions across various commodities throughout the United States while adding value to our customer's businesses.

PTI transports LPGs, NGLs, asphalt/emulsion, cement as well as various other products. An innovator and industry leader for third-party logistics and transportation solutions, we have a Safety First attitude in order to provide safe delivery of products to our customers. Our success can be attributed to our expertise in the industry, as well as our ability to conform to the ever-changing needs of both our customers and the market. 

Our fleet consists of approximately 300 trucks, which allows us to efficiently transport multiple products across the country. With PTI, you get more than just a transportation service, you get an expert and partner. At PTI, we are always at your service.

Deborah Moore
(866) 364-4361
Transport Driver Recruiter
Caroline Hensley
(330) 437-8644
Regional Sales Manager
Byron Fortune
(281) 552-4024
Director of Transport Operations
Elm C.Valle
(281) 552-4994
Director of Operations
We’re always looking for safe and experienced drivers. Please contact our Driver Recruiter today for more information.
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